Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a refreshing form of psychotherapy, encouraging self-healing, discovery and transformation. Art Therapy is for all ages, and can be tailored to suit the individual or group’s needs.

Through creative processes such as painting, drawing, collage, clay, music, movement, poetry, drama, digital media and sand-play, participants externalise mental, physical and spiritual challenges in a safe space.

Participants do not need to be good at art. It is all about the process and unleashing inner creativity! Through their artwork, metaphors and symbols may arise that hold profound meaning. These insights have the potential for growth and change, and ultimately a greater sense of well-being.

The Art Therapist does not interpret art. Art Therapy is a client-centred practice. The therapist is a guide, providing tools for creative expression, as well as support and encouragement for their clients to unpack their art and pave steps towards their own healing.




Private | Group | Corporate | Kids | Workshops

Private one-on-one session | 90min

Private Yoga + Art Therapy session | 2hr

Kids Art Therapy session | 60min

Group Yoga + Art Therapy session | 90min 

Corporate Art Therapy + Yoga (optional)  | 90-120 min

Wellness Workshop | 90-120min or half-day program